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AUBRILAM recycles its waste products

Every year, over 10,000 wood-metal products are manufactured by the AUBRILAM factory.

We are aware of the impacts that the manufacture of our products can have on the environment, and so several years ago we committed to reduce the volume of our waste and to optimise the offcuts of wood. The waste is mainly made up of wood shavings, offcuts and metal accessories  which are all collected and sent for recycling.

Today, 77 % of the waste generated is recovered and sent for recycling.

40 % of the waste is wood, which is recycled into chipboard. The wood shavings are sucked up by a central suction system that is fitted onto all the woodworking machines. They are then used for horticultural or animal mulch.

As well as recycling our waste, we also have a programme to reduce the volumes of packaging, which are designed to suit the transport used to get the products safely to their destination. Aubrilam is working to ensure that all components used to protect its products during transport can eventually be recycled.

Restaurant terraces

In 2022 AUBRILAM is present in over 50 countries throughout the world

For the last 30 years, AUBRILAM has been a leading company in the hospitality sector, and is developing its business throughout the world. In 2022, the company delivered over 600 terraces in 50 countries, involving a logistics process boasting over 30,000 products.

AUBRILAM is mainly active in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and has now delivered terraces in South America.

Supporting customers in their development, regardless of where they are located in the world is a priority for the company and the new logistics centre, an integral part of the factory in France, has enabled AUBRILAM to offer product availability and responsiveness to meet all requests from its customers and partners.

This is backed up by a commitment from all teams in the company to offer the best possible service, ensuring we adapt to the culture in each country.
We also keep in mind the philosophy of the AUBRILAM brand, which is to make outdoor spaces unique, beautiful and sustainable.

At this time in early 2023, AUBRILAM would like to thank all its customers and partners in France and abroad for their continued trust in our products and services.

Article for the Lumières magazine: AUBRILAM has opened the doors to its production site

We have had the opportunity to answer questions from Alexandre Arène for the 42nd edition of the Lumières magazine, in which a comprehensive article is dedicated to our factory in Brioude.

March edition, Christophe Piasco, Director of Operations and the Industry Division at Aubrilam, outlines our manufacturing process for our glued laminated timber lighting columns. Our Brioude site, based in the Haute-Loire department, is fully dedicated to this activity, and manufactures between 4000 and 6000 columns per year.

Lumières magazine no. 42 – March 2023
Editor in Chief
Isabelle Arnaud
[email protected]

Read the full article

Our solutions for restaurant terraces

Our “terrace furniture” business

Since the first terrace was installed in 1992, AUBRILAM has developed a business aimed at the restaurant market. For over 30 years, we have offered furniture designed for outdoor terraces: tables, benches, chairs, “lounge” areas, fences, wind guards, canopies, and planters, etc.

Each year, we develop new ranges that we manufacture, deliver and install for our customers in the private restaurant and hospitality sector. We can also respond to requests from public bodies or institutions.

AUBRILAM has become a specialist brand in this sector, renowned over the past 30 years for its high-quality offering.


With its range of lighting and terrace furniture, AUBRILAM now supplies its customers with comprehensive and turnkey solutions for restaurant and hospitality chains seeking to furnish their outdoor spaces.

Our expertise from the outset of the company, from the design phase to the manufacture of standard and bespoke products, and our logistics management from our factories in France, enables us to stay true to our mission, which is to “make living spaces unique, beautiful and sustainable”.


Aubrilam Wood

Our raw material: wood.

Our raw material comes from Scots pine trees from Scandinavia, which slow growth produces wood with very fine rings and excellent homogeneity.
Only the weather in these regions ensures this slow growth, which gives our raw material the quality we are looking for.

An ecological material

Our wood is taken from selected trees, it is heartwood, it is cleaned of sapwood, which means that it is naturally class 3 and does not require any chemical treatment. We also ensure that the trees come from sustainably managed forest.
Wood naturally has a very positive ecological balance. It capture CO2 and locks it in during its growth to store it in the structures once cut.

A beautiful and warm material

Not only does wood meet our durability requirements, but above all it has qualities that endow it with its special strentgh, it is soft, noble and warm. It brings emotion to each of the projects we undertake. Its textural, colour and light effects make it an easthetic asset.

A highly resistant material

Our engineers and buyers have drawn up rigorous specifications, and each laminated plank has an identification number that is tracked throughout the production process. Before being processed, the wood must have a moisture content of between 10 an 14%. This ensures a good quality finish for the stain to be impregnated properly and to guarantee its durability in its future location.
In addition to its original characteristics making it insensitive to salt and not subject to rust, wood benefits from the HTE manufacturing process developed by Aubrilam, which protects it from its two traditional enemies, wood-eating fungi and woodworm.



AUBRILAM and respect for the environment

“Thinking sustainably”

The use of wood in our wood-metal composite products for more than 40 years is essential in the environmental approach of AUBRILAM.
Wood naturally has a very positive ecological balance. It captures CO₂ and locks it in during its growth to store it in the structures once cut.
1 m³ of wood = 1 tonne of CO₂ absorbed.

Thinking sustainably means designing products that are in harmony with their environment, that will last, in a discrete and natural way. It also means thinking globally, where design and technological innovation are spontaneously placed at the heart of the design process.

AUBRILAM has chosen to adopt an eco-design approach, the choice of materials but also the improvement of the functionality of its products and their manufacturing process are essential.

For the past 20 years, the wood used by AUBRILAM, scots pine, has not been treated with metallic salts and comes from sustainably managed forests. It is an untreated heartwood, taken from selected trees. Some parts of our products are made of Accoya modified wood, a sound, patented, stable and durable material.
In the lighting columns designed by AUBRILAM, wood replaces steel and aluminium as structural material, this is the AUBRILAM standard, it prompts to regularly review its products with a view to reducing their environmental footprint. The wooden parts are calculated in terms of thickness and dimensions to save material and weight while guaranteeing the product’s durability at its place of installation.

This approach has been built into the design of its glued laminated timber shafts since 2006 and its AUBRILAM HTE label is a guarantee of this.

Thinking sustainably also means improving the “environmental qualities” of a development project.
To identify and limit the impact of its products during their manufacture, since 2006 AUBRILAM has undertaken a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in accordance with the ISO standards 14040 and 14025. This means AUBRILAM can provide its customers with data sheets detailing the environmental profile of each of its lighting columns.

This is part of a comprehensive approach that consists of:
– analysing the phenomena that result in environmental degradation in the life cycle of a product
– calculating the environmental impact of each product
– then comparing its results objectively with those of metal columns
– and finally improving the “environmental qualities” of projects and products through eco-design

This approach allows AUBRILAM not only to be naturally in tune with eco-responsable projects but also to provide its clients with an ecological expertise of their project depending on the products selected.

Happy New Year!

The Aubrilam teams wish you a very Happy New Year!
May 2022 be for you and your loved ones a year of many beautiful things and good times to share. May it bring you happiness and success.

We look forward to show you our latest products, and exciting projects we have completed.

Redevelopment of the “Maritime” boulevard in Barneville-Carteret

We present our latest project in the city of Barneville-Carteret.

The project consisted of redeveloping the Maritime boulevard overlooking the sea to make it a safe route and facilitate access to the sea. The lighting supports chosen are cylindrical-conical wooden masts from our Dôme XL collection, topped with a Bussy console. A backlighting system is used to illuminate the new pedestrian walkway designed for walkers and cyclists.

The “La Mer” finish applied to the wood gives this project a special atmosphere. The wood is scraped and then stained in a random fashion, giving the impression of an old wood.

Project members :
Client : Ville de Barneville-Carteret
Landscape architect : Atelier du Marais à Fougères (35)
Installer : SARLEC
Photos : Jean-Michel Gueugnot

> See photos of the project

BEGA Gantenbrink-Leuchten KG: Acquisition of majority shareholding in the French partner company AUBRILAM

Two market leaders are pooling their expertise under one roof: BEGA Gantenbrink-Leuchten KG acquires the majority stake of its French partner company AUBRILAM. As a globally active luminaire manufacturer, BEGA has already been maintaining an extremely successful system partnership with AUBRILAM for almost a decade – the globally valued brand for street furniture solutions made of wood, high-performance wooden poles as well as bollards.

As the future French BEGA location, AUBRILAM will remain present in the market as a brand with an independent product portfolio – with the same number of employees. Soufyane Miloudi remains Managing Partner of AUBRILAM, Turki Badeeb remains as Partner.

“The expected further urbanization with the establishment of leisure-focused lifestyles in growing cities will increase the demand for high-quality street furniture,” explains Heinrich Gantenbrink, Managing Partner of BEGA. “Wood as a very sustainable natural material will play a major role in this, along with convincing lighting solutions.” He added that the acquisition of AUBRILAM was a logical step in terms of a portfolio that is also exceptional in this area. “The philosophy of both companies that only extraordinary quality as well as the durability of the products are acceptable was the basis of our partnership,” Heinrich Gantenbrink says. “Now we are bringing this previous success story together under one roof.”

Soufyane Miloudi, Managing Partner of AUBRILAM, explains, “Our brand has been established in the market since 1978. Since the beginning almost a decade ago, our structured cooperation with BEGA has grown very fruitfully. Now we are going to take the next step together: bringing our expertise under one roof.”

BEGA hs been developing and producing high-quality luminaires for outdoor and indoor architecture for more than 75 years. The company, which has its headquarters in Germany and other locations in Belgium and the USA, sees itself as a pioneer of trends and new technologies in the field of lighting and lighting control. As an internationally active association of companies, BEGA has its own locations and strategic partners in more than 90 countries worldwide.

AUBRILAM is the globally recognized brand for convincing street furniture solutions, high-performance wooden poles and also offers its own lighting solutions – with a large record of outstanding project references. The company is based in Clermont-Ferrand, with manufacturing not far away in Brioude.

More information about the companies:



Wooden columns by Aubrilam for the new Roland-Garros stadium

Since 2015, the Roland-Garros stadium has undergone major renovations. The challenge was to preserve the spirit of this place full of history while bringing modernity to it. We are pleased to have been able to contribute to this transformation with the installation of glued laminated timber columns manufactured in our French factory located in Brioude.

Followed around the world, the French Open tennis tournament is a highlight during the year. Roland-Garros has a strong identity and A history. The stadium renovation in the heart of Paris had to take this aspect into account. The new equipment chosen had to subtly combine tradition and modernity while providing a level of quality that was worthy of this venue.

Roland-Garros was also created to be a parc in the city, the new spaces integrated during the stadium renovations of the stadium offer visitors the opportunity to walk around and enjoy the abundant vegetation. The wooden columns are a natural complement to the site and provide comfort thanks to the lighting quality. They contribute to the site embellishment.

Lighting furniture dedicated to the site
All of the site’s lighting has been redesigned to offer equipment qualities in line with current technologies, but also to give the site a unique atmosphere keeping with the Roland-Garros spirit. The wooden lighting columns illuminate the area around the courts while respecting the site colours.

The neat design of the masts, topped with a metal top finish, combined with a “plant” and “mineral” mixed materials brings both modernity and singularity to the site. These “natural” masts lined up the pedestrian walkways and tennis courts providing visitors with lighting that is both efficient and comfortable.

The projectors have two power option ; 24 W and 52,5 W. They are positioned at different heights and they are mounted on a skid offering all angles of adjustment, which makes it possible to refine the quality and comfort of the lighting. They benefit from the latest LED technology : the reflectors are made of aluminium and are fitted with elliptical lenses which improve visual comfort. The colour temperature of the light is 3000 K, proven to bring a warm atmosphere for visitors while maintaining optimal colour rendering.

The equipment chosen invites the visitor to walk around and enjoy the outdoor spaces during the day and in the evening. The lighting columns designed for Roland-Garros are visible during the day, showing the site with vertical visual markers. At night, they offer a dynamic and comfortable lighting thanks to the presence of adjustable spotlights fitted with their lenses that limit the light flow.

The use of a natural, sustainable and modern material.
The wood is untreated Scots pine, taken from selected trees and from sustainably managed forests. To obtain this “aged wood” quality finish, it has been sanded, scraped then stained in our workshop by our qualified technicians.
Combined with metal, it gives the entire light point a unique and contemporary look, a particular signature that we wish to maintain in time.

Customed signage in the colours of Roland-Garros
Numerous functional spaces were created for the public during the stadium modernisation. To facilitate circulation, signage furniture was designed by the project designers in partnership with Empreinte Signalétique company. The signage poles are made of timber and have the same finish as the lighting columns, which forms a harmonious atmosphere.

The Roland-Garros colours are reflected in the signage used to guide visitors. The light “driftwood” finish of the wooden supports underlines these new colours. The combination of wood and metal brings singularity to this emblematic place, mixing tradition and modernity.

Installed equipment :
130 Aubrilam DÔME XL columns from 4 m to 8 m height made of glued laminated timber serving as supports for BEGA 24 W and 52,5 W spotlights positioned in grapes around the mast.  Aubrilam SUMU columns from 3,3 m to 3,7 m height serving as support for the signage.

Project members :
Client : Fédération Française de Tennis
Architect : Chaix et Morel Associés
Landscaping : Michel Corajoud / Neveux Rouyer Paysagistes
Engineering and design : Bethac
Brand management and design : Agence W
Signage manufacturer : Empreinte Signalétique
General contractor : Vinci Construction
Electricity : S.F.E.E. (Société Fécampoise d’Entreprises Electriques)

Photos : Jean-Michel Gueugnot

See the photos of the realisation

Saint-Brieuc train station renovation

We are pleased to have been on board with the Saint-Brieuc railway station renovation project with the supply of large SILEA XL wooden columns.
Bertrand de Tinténiac, landscape designer and manager of “Le Chêne Breton” agency gives us the background on this project and explains the reasons behind the the columns choices :
“Saint-Brieuc train station is a major architectural landmark on the Breton railway landscape and certainly one the most beautiful station in Brittany. Remodeling the public spaces of this major urban project goes around one simple idea: rethinking the heart of the city and bringing the neighbourhoods closer together. It comes through a fresh interpretation of the urban image in line with nowadays challenges.

“Choosing a sober style of interpretation with a tapered square-shaped wooden column as well as fitting the projectors onto a circular holder, has simplified the number of light points and given the forecourts a striking identity”

Throughtout this sweeping transformation, the station’s main square new identity became a strong vector thanks to the new lighting choices. The station identity is now bold, tailor-made for the amenities and definitely standout.

“A luminous tide clock built onto the wooden columns on the front way of the station provides passengers and users with a real-time update of the water level”

To complete the project, Bertrand de Tinténiac imagined a “luminous tide clock”, it takes the form of a light line integrated  onto one of the wooden masts, it indicates by its lighting level the height of the tide in real time.

“Saint-Brieuc station is where you get the first glimpse of sea when you arrive by train, this luminous tide clock, built onto the wooden columns on the front way provides passengers and users with a real-time update of the water level in the magnificent bay of Saint-Brieuc”

Photos Xavier Boymond

> See photos of the project

A project’s story : “La Mer” in Dubaï

La Mer is a new destination created for the people of Dubai and visitors from all over the world. Located on the Jumeira waterfront, it has been developed by the Meraas Group with the aim of offering a new, lively and modern place to live.

This project was an opportunity for us to take on challenges we had not imagined at the outset. Our teams worked to provide a complete and innovative personalised solution.

A total of 48 column models were developed for a project covering 23 hectares.

Below we would like to tell you about the different stages of this extraordinary project.

Project brief

“The objective was to create a relaxed and warm atmosphere for the squares and more of an architectural focus on the wide passage ways.”

We worked with Eleni Savvidou, design director at Delta Lighting Solutions in charge of the lighting design of the project. The objective was to propose furniture that meets three guidelines:

1/ Creating different atmospheres according to the spaces,
2/ Drawing inspiration from maritime traditions and ancient objects,
3/ Playing with light sources and using light dimming systems.



The inspiration came from the location: the sea and its traditions.

The use of aged wood was obvious from the outset of the project. The work on the colours, finishes and accessories was crucial to the success of the project.

Light study

“A total of 53 bespoke suspended light fittings, supports, tree mounted fittings and other types of equipment were designed, with finishes in wood, steel, rope and brass.”

Delta Lighting was in charge of the lighting design. The lighting furniture was designed so that all the light fittings and accessories could blend in harmoniously.

For the lighting of the facades and beach huts, Eleni Savvidou imagined a light integrated under the terraces thanks to lenses developed to make the LED sources invisible while ensuring efficient light distribution.

The “Grande Allée” is lit by a catenary system made up of thousands of glass bulbs, creating a bright and attractive lighting atmosphere.

The light sources are individually controlled to create an effect of movement and life. During closing hours, the lighting levels are reduced to 50% and gradually down to 15% to adapt to night requirements.

Column design

We developed all the masts for the site lighting as well as the masts with swivel bases for the sail supports and catenary systems.

A complete technical solution was provided by our engineers, including design and calculations, the development and production of prototypes and the supply of implementation plans and technical instructions.

Special assemblies, finishes and details were taken into account to maintain product performance and quality in the outdoor marine environment.

Colours and finishes

To obtain an aged wood effect, work was done on both the colour of the stain and the finish applied to the wood.

After numerous tests, a new colour with a brushed finish was developed.

The bases and connecting parts are made of powder-coated metal with a “random rust” finish and the junctions between the wood and the metal are surrounded with rope reminiscent of sailing boat masts.

Production and site supervision

700 columns delivered on site

The entire manufacture of the wooden supports and the assembly of the products was carried out in our manufacturing workshop located in France in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Our engineers went on site to check the parts and monitor the installation of the first deliveries at each major phase of the construction site.

See the photos of the achievement.

From the raw material to the finished product: discover the 9 steps of the whole manufacturing process of our glued laminated wooden columns

For the past 40 years, our products have been designed and manufactured in France in our specialised woodworking workshop. To date, more than 500,000 products are installed worldwide.

We have the manufacturing process fully controlled, from the raw material, the wood, to the product installed on site. Each product leaving our factory complies with the European requirements and directives, is CE marked and its manufacturing process, rigorously controlled.

Our experience enables us to bring our customers a one-of-a-kind, hand finished quality product. This is the fruit of many years of know-how and respect for wood, a noble, living and sustainable material. Our singular and timeless products fit naturally in their place of installation.

Christophe Piasco, head of the Aubrilam manufacturing site in Brioude (Haute-Loire) outlines the entire manufacturing process of a glued laminated wooden column.

These are the steps below:

1 – The material
Traceability – durability – quality
The wood we use comes from sustainably managed forests. It is the heartwood, untreated and taken from selected trees (slow-growing Scots pine). We source it from Scandinavia and bring it into our factory in France in the form of laminated wood boards. Our engineers and buyers have drawn up rigorous specifications and each laminate board has a barcode that is tracked throughout the production process.
The boards are then left to rest in our workshop until the best conditions for woodworking are obtained.

“The wood must have a moisture content of between 10 and 14%, in order to obtain  a good finish, a good impregnation of the stain and also to guarantee durability in its future location.”

2 – Planing and edging
Precision – optimisation
This step entails obtaining perfect calibration of the boards while saving as much material as possible. The planing process ensures thar the boards have the right dimensions. The edging is then designed to saw the boards lengthwise with a straight or oblique cut depending on the shape of the body: straight or conical.

“The shavings are recovered, to be recycled, they are sorted into size and then used a horticultural mulch or animal bedding”

3 – Gluing
Resistance – strength
Gluing consists of applying adhesive in a controlled and homogeneous manner to the 4 boards making up the column. The new glued column is then “clamped” for several hours on a clamping Bench (from 8 to 10 hours).

4 – Shear tests
Control – traceability
Shear tests are an integral part of our manufacturing process. Each gluing process is tested and validated in line with the European conformity standard. The shear test involves taking a sample of timber section and subjecting it to a load test to check and validate its resistance. All our tests and results are kept in our laboratory.

5 – Machining and turning
Engineering – know-how
The machining allows us to work with precision on the material in order to obtain our final product: drilling, shoulders, cutting to length, etc. These operations are performed on a high-tech numerical machine and optimised upstream by our technicians in order to save as much energy as possible.
The timber body is turned, resulting in a cylindrical column.

6 – Sanding and scraping
Hand finishing – respect for the material
The surface of the wood is sanded down to make it smooth and even, this will allow for good adhesion of the stain. This is when the finishing operations are carried out: filling, removal of defects and sanding. Our experienced operators make sure that the surface of the wood is smooth and perfect for the application of the stain. Scraping is a special “brushed textured” finish that reveals the veins of the wood. The “soft” part of the wood is removed by scraping with a brush, without altering the structural performance of the product.

“Each product manufactured in our workshop is inspected and reworked by our specialised workers to prepare it for the finishing stages. Wood naturally has knots or roughness, this is what makes our products distinctive and unique. Our experience tells us whether these natural “defects” should be kept as they are, or reworked.”

7 – Staining
Finishing – experience
Wood staining is the process of applying colour to the wood, then a protective layer is applied that will protect it from UV rays and ageing. Our wood stains are water-based, solvent-free and applied evenly with a flow-controlled spray gun and all the excess residue floating in the air are extracted. After this we have to allows some time before the colour layer is Added, followed by the varnish which imprégnâtes the timber & gives a protective top layer.

8 – Assembly
Precision – inspection
This is where all the component parts of the product are assembled. Each product is inspected by our fitters and has a CE conformity label to ensure traceability. Each component making up the product is tracked from the beginning of the production line and assembly is the moment when everything comes together. We pay particular attention to this process.

9 – Packaging
Optimization – Engineering
Each product ready to leave the factory is packaged according to the transport and the place of installation. All our packaging is designed in-house and is carefully examined upstream of each product project.

“We have initiated a rigorous packaging procedure; all our product packaging is studied according to the transport. We use wood waste materials from the manufacturing process to protect our products.”


Covid-19 : reopening of our production

Dear customers and partners,

First and foremost, we do hope that you and your families are keeping well and that you are coping as well as can be expected during these challenging times.

In order to respond to the situation, we have had to adapt our organisation and close our production facility on a temporary basis.

We are currently working on the progressive reopening of our factory and are putting everything necessary in place in order to respect the current safety instructions so that our teams can resume work in the best condistions possible.

Based pn current guidelines, our production should be able to gradually commence from 11th May onwards.

Our sales teams are continuing to operate via distance working and are on hand to respond to your requests and maintain this close link to provide you with the best possible support for your projects.

So, let us continue to remain united and responsible as we look forward to quickly return to more favourable conditions.

See you soon !

The Aubrilam team

Covid-19 : new organisation

Dear customers and partners,

Further to the ongoing situation with the Covid-19, we have adapted our organisation.

From immediate effect a reduced team has been maintained in teleworking and we have temporarily ceased production.

Nevertheless, we will continue as much as possible to ensure our mission which is to offer you support and the best services possible for your projects.

For any request, our sales teams are available and at your disposal to exchange by e-mail, phone or even Skype.

You can make your request trough the contact form available on our contact us page.
Or write to our adresse: [email protected]

Our switchboard line is temporarily closed but you can contact our sales représentatives directly, their contact detail can be found on our contact us page.

And of course, you can also find us as usual on social networks, do not hesitate to give us news.

Let us all show solidarity and respect the safety instructions while waiting for better days to come.

Take care of yourselves & your families!

The Aubrilam team


Making cities unique, beautiful and smart

Many projects have seen the light of day across France, Europe and around the world since the creation of the Aubrilam brand in 1978.
So what is its objective today ?

The world is changing and new issues are emerging, the population in cities is increasing, our linving spaces are changing, the impacts of global climate change are becoming an increasingly important factor in the choices made by decision-makers and users. Citizens today need to find meaning in their lifestyles.

Aubrilam is constantly preoccupied with these issues and its priority is to stay on course: developing ranges that make sense, that provide comfort while having their own singularity. The furnishings designed by the men and women at Aubrilam are heading in this direction.

What does Aubrilam do ?
Aubrilam designs and manufactures complete ranges of products, both standard and customised. The products are manufactured in our factory in Brioude, France, 70 km from Clermont-Ferrand. Boasting 40 years of experience in wood and outdoor furniture, we continue to innovate, to choose the most suitable materials and to use production processes that are ever more environmentally friendly.

For who ?
The products that come out of Aubrilam are intended for all outdoor spaces, whether in an urban environment, a shopping area or by the sea, they respond to the need for outdoor living. They can be installed in all climatic environments: humid, saline or very cold areas and are designed to resist.
The projects for which they are intended can be part of large, high-profile urban programmes or Simply small, more discreet spaces.

Why ?
To make spaces welcoming and Citizen-centric, with the comfort and improvement of their living environment in mind. To provide a solution to the problems that clients will encounter as our society evolves.
Finally, to make urban spaces sustainable and vibrant…

How ?
By providing product and service solutions to our clients, being tuned to them, being by their side from the project start to finish, being involved in the concept, design and budget optimisation choices and being there at the installation and further down the line for the maintenance.

As a company today, Aubrilam develops solutions to make cities more beautiful, more comfortable, smarter and more user-friendly.



Design a product that mirrors a site: 20 years of bespoke projects at Aubrilam

For more than 20 years, Aubrilam has been working with purchasing advisors and contracting authorities to design the products & solutions they imagined for their projects. These are often prestigious projects, where the identity of the place is very pronounced and where technical challenges can be significant.

Installed in every kind of area, like large urban centres, seaside, moutain areas or shopping malls, these products perfectly find their place. Materials and technologies used can be adapted to every layout: structures with tensile stretched canvas, lighting mounted in high installations, fixation of flags and banners, integrating LED lines of lights, adding specific pieces for floodlights or decorative elements, brackets and special ties for catenaries, etc.

Here are some examples of projects implemented by Aubrilam:

Our first significant project is the layout of Mediterranean high-speed train stations, for which a whole range of products were designed by the AREP agency: lighting columns inspired by the catenaries of train lines. The “Catelam” columns are made of wood and aluminium. The design of the elements forming the column, associated to the choice of materials, have created a link between both the modernity of train stations and its traditions. The connecting elements, brackets and aluminium bases, were specially designed for the project.

South-East high-speed train stations, France, 2001.

In some instances, our solutions are closely related to the place in which they are installed. For the harbour city of Scarborough in England, facing the North Sea, the lighting designers from consultants Speirs & Majors, were inspired by marine imagination to give a new identity to this historical city and its lighthouse, while still maintaining a human scale. The goal was to provided a new vertical momentum, while taking inspiration from yacht masts present in the harbour. Wood found its place in the project from the very beginning.

Scarborough Harbour, United Kingdom, 2007.

In the Netherlands, in the city of Papendrecht at the South-East of Rotterdam, the intention was to design the landscaping of a shopping centre. This project’s aim was to offer to the future clients lighting furniture that would be an integral part of the site. For this city that is almost completely surrounded by water, the idea was once again to take inspiration from boats and sailing. Columns attached to wooden railings refer to the deck of a boat, the metallic parts attached on top could be imagined as a boat sail.

Papendrecht, Netherlands, 2007.

Bespoke products can also be created for urban regeneration programs. In 2008, the square around Poitiers’ train station was renovated and we created, for this project, lighting furniture that made the connection between the old & new buildings. The challenge was to maintain the buildings scale ratio and to clear the visual perspectives. The 16-meter-high twin timber shaft columns that were designed for this project act as signals visible from afar by drivers, by night and by day. The dark wood stain used brings a constrasting effect with the blue highlights from led beacons.

Poitiers, France, 2008.

Members of the projects mentionned in the article:

High-speed train stations – South East of France
Lighting design : Cabinet AARTIL
Design: AREP

Scarborough Harbour
Project management: LDA Design
Lighting design : Speirs & Major Associates

Architect : G.D.A. International B.V.
Lighting design : Industrielicht B.V.

Project management : Agence Grumbach et Associés
Lighting design: Roger Narboni, Project Manager Virginie Nicolas, Agence Concepto
Design office : service rues et places Ville de Poitiers

This summer, what will be the furniture that brings colour to our cities ?

Whether it is in small village squares, restaurant terraces or new urban parks, outdoor furniture will have the place of honour this summer. Both functional and practical, it also contributes to the harmonization of places where they are installed. The choice of colour is especially significant in the arrangement projects. 

It gives us the opportunity to introduce to you several choices of shades that we have associated with our new ranges of furniture, CLUB and RENDEZ-VOUS.

We invite you on a journey, change of scenery, rest: the first colour combination that we created combines an orange-pink to green.

These tones call to mind the ochres painted on the exterior walls in Southern Mediterranean Europe or the summer fruit like apricots or peaches … And green for the trees, freshness … Some rest.

These tones also evoke patterns specific to this summer season, just like Mathilde, designer at Aubrilam, highlights it:

“Summer means staying out until the very last rays of sun, landscape changes and becomes orangy … those belong to the magical moments of the summer nights.”

Discover CLUB and its colour variations

Our second shade choice is dedicated to the RENDEZ-VOUS range. We used the metal hoop as a coloured label. Bright and vibrant, the yellow colour underlines the particular design of the round bench and deckchair. It is associated with natural wood whose grains are visible and randomly spread.

We wanted this association of colour and material to change the perception of the place where the product will be installed. The RENDEZ-VOUS furniture can fit out a new area in a large urban centre as well as a seaside near a holiday resort.

This installation could be an invitation to gather during summer nights for a picnic, share some family time in a living place … For an open-air screening … Or during a festival.

Discover RENDEZ-VOUS and its coloured association


Aubrilam fits 3 new McDonald’s terraces out in the USA

A McDonald’s franchisee in Iowa, USA, set outdoor terraces out in 3 of his restaurants and chose Aubrilam to furnish them. This new client was pleased to discover our range of products on our stand during the Orlando Convention back in 2018.

He installed our range of terraces furniture Euroline 3 on his terraces and along his buildings.
Round and square tables, 2 and 4-seat, 8-seat Stand-up tables, lounge zones, dustbins, shade cover and fences, the whole terrace area was designed and built to maximize the customers’ comfort and allow them to enjoy sunny days!

Since 2018, Aubrilam has started to furnish McDonald’s restaurants terraces in the USA. It is with great pleasure that we participate in these projects and we are very proud to present you below the layout results in Riverside Drive, Mormon Trek Boulevard and Williamsburg.

Aubrilam celebrated the Clerkenwell Design Week’s 10th anniversary

It is with pleasure that Aubrilam participated to the 10th edition of the Clerkenwell Design Week in London, from May 21 to 23 2019. In the gardens of the Saint James Church, we introduced some of our flagship products to the many visitors, like for example the IDO bench, co-designed by Anna Sznoyi, which was once again very successful.

Every year, the CDW attracts thousands of visitors from all around the world seeking to attend this true design festival. Conversations, exhibitions, street art and spectacles, the Clerkenwell Design Week offers a unique experience to its visitors and exhibitors.

Thanks to all the participants we met on Aubrilam stand!

Aubrilam fits out the Roland Garros site!

The qualifying matches for the French Open have begun, and this year Roland Garros will have a brand new setting to welcome the world’s top players.

Started by the French Tennis Federation (FFT) in 2015, the upgrade, which is due for completion in 2021, follows a blueprint based on complete renovation of the site. Opening out into the city, greening of urban spaces, user comfort, visual consistency… Today we are already beginning to see a new environment which echoes the latest trends in exterior design.

Aubrilam has been retained to fit out the paths and entrances of the sports facilities:

Dôme XL columns between 4 and 8m high, fitted with BEGA floodlights arranged in clusters and tapering to a metal spike, provide dynamic lighting and act as vertical visual markers. The wooden parts are enhanced with our new shade “La Mer” and they blend seamlessly into the site, subtly accentuating the roadways.

To support the user experience, 5 customised signage columns have been developed in partnership with the Empreinte Signalétique company. They mark out the space while remaining true to Roland Garros’ emblematic colours and charter.

Discover and enjoy some pictures of this new installation below …

Project stakeholders:

Client – Contracting party: Fédération Française de Tennis (FFT)
Architect: Atelier d’architecture Chaix & Morel et Associés
Landscapers: Michel Corajoud / Neveux Rouyer Paysagistes
Engineering and design: Bethac
Brand management & design: Agence W
Signage manufacturer : Empreinte Signalétique
General contractor: Vinci Construction
Electrical contractor: S.F.E.E. (Société Fécampoise d’Entreprises Electriques)


Colours and materials at the Carreau du Temple in Paris

Aubrilam was at the Materials & Light exhibition for the first time, on April 24 & 25 at the Carreau du Temple, in Paris. In this unique industrial architectural framework from the 19th century, we were glad to present our new products to the whole profession.

Among the exhibited products, our visitors were able to discover :

/ The Rendez-Vous furniture, with its comfortable and friendly sun lounger,

/ The Club furniture, the original and colorful “urban lounge”

/ La Mer column, with its “old rustic wood” finishing, specially developed in our workshop,

/ The IDO bench, dreamed up by the designer Anna Szonyi, which was once again very successful thanks to its originality.

Thanks to everyone who came and visited us at the Aubrilam stand!


What colours are trending this year ?

Here’s what’s hot for 2019 in furniture and decoration colours.

Green is the favourite shade at the start of the year. It’s in all the design products, interior and exterior alike. It harks back to plants, it’s modern and ever present in the city, it represents a new kind of nature that architects and landscape gardeners showcase in their projects bringing more humanity.

Mathilde, designer at Aubrilam, talks to us about how colour can stir feelings:

“We like these dense, dark greens that transport us into the heart of the forest, other lighter and slightly greyer shades like sage green make for a soothing atmosphere.”

The second shade in the spotlight is pink. It blends perfectly with green, but can also be teamed up with darker shades, according to Mathilde, pink softens and poetise spaces.

Finally, the third shade we’ve chosen for this year is that evoking the earth: “terracota”. You’ll also see it in “rust” with randomly subtle effects to achieve the look of materials shaped by time. It will be combined with natural materials such as raw wood.

These new shades will bring a unique touch to new urban projects to enhance spaces for one-of-kind, vibrant vibe.


Aubrilam will be at the Materials & Light exhibition in Paris

On the occasion of the 5th edition of the Materials & Light exhibition, Aubrilam will be glad to introduce its range of furniture on April 24 and 25, 2019 at the Carreau du Temple.

The Materials & Light exhibition, organized by the d’a magazine, has become a reference in the field of innovative products, materials, lightings and interior design for Professional. This year, 60 exhibitors will share 2 000 sqm of exhibition hall, including Aubrilam.

We will be pleased to introduce our three new ranges :

/ Club, the clever and colorful “urban living room” that offers a wide quality of seating,
/ Rendez-Vous, which “lounge” spirit brings modernity ond comfort to the city life,
/ Ido, our bench created by Anna Szonyi that looks like a real urban sculpture.

We will also have the opportunity to present our newest tint, “La Mer”. Its brushed aspect brings to wood the aging effects of winds, currents and tides.

We look forward to see many of you at the Materials & Light exhibition !

Aubrilam has exposed its products at Futurebuild 2019

Aubrilam was pleased to exhibit at Futurebuild 2019 at the Excel London from March 05 to March 07.
Futurebuild is the UK’s most important building environment event. It represents an inspirational destination for forward-thinking professionnals across the entire sector. On display was a range of Aubrilam’s Urban furniture & lighting solutions, including the IDO bench which was very well welcomed.
Thank you to all our visitors!

A sneak preview of two new ranges by Iguzzini and Aubrilam

Combining know-how with talent: the key to a bright future.

The Lighting Days shows, the major lighting and LED technology event was held in Lyon from 13 to 15 February.

iGuzzini and Aubrilam jumped at the chance to preview their creative synergy with two new urban ranges: Livin’ and UrbanYou.

This prompted a particularly encouraging and positive welcome by the professionals of the sector. The official launch is on the cards for spring.


The 2019 trends : natural materials and the desire for authenticity

Back from September’s 100% design show in London, Mathilde, our designer, cracks the 2019 design codes for furniture and design. She brings us her vision on the trendy materials in decoration and planning projects.

“We are naturally gravitating towards a new morality where natural materials go hand in hand with human well-being”

Alongside a trend for all tropical things and the return of the Art Deco style, handmade products and natural materials such as wood, rattan or stone are making a comeback.

The favourite ones are :
/ natural materials
/ recycled materials
/ noble materials

“There is a strong ethical and local expertise notion in the manufacture of products. With the emphasis on ecology, recycled materials are highlighted, including bamboo and more surprising organic materials transformed into creative materials such as algae. Finally, the more timeless and noble metallic finishes are increasingly used on furniture.”

The materials showcased at the 100% Design :

/ Raw wood
Back to basics with raw, unstained wood. Slight flaws vouch for a guarantee of quality.

/ Bent sheet metal
This makes for simple and refined volumes. Wire is the trend bringing lightness to product.

/ Plywood
Imperfections on beech leaves steal the show. Edges are bare and it’s all about the thickness of the panels.

Aubrilam has just furnished its first McDonald’s restaurant in Brazil


The high-profile inauguration of the new McDonald’s restaurant on Rua Henrique Schaumann in São Paulo took place on 26 July. Fully refurbished, it is the first in Brazil to offer a brand new restaurant concept developed by South American franchise Arcos Dorados: the façade and inside layout have been completely revamped!

Our custom-designed McDonald’s furniture fits out the two outdoor areas: 4- and 8-seater tables, high 8-seater tables, lounge areas, planters, bins, barriers, lighting and shelters. These two terraces have been optimally designed to each cater for slightly more than fifty people.

Other “new generation” restaurants will appear in Brazil and in other South American countries too.

Sao-PauloSee the reference

Aubrilam partners with Bellitalia to complete its line of furniture on the current French market


With the aim of extending its product portfolio, Aubrilam created a partnership with the Italian manufacturer Bellitalia. A company chosen for its strong leading position in the sector of urban furniture in concrete and marble stone.

A common factor will be the embellishment of external spaces.

Bellitalia, both from its experience and its ability to innovate, appears as the ideal choice to complete the offer of Aubrilam and thus to meet demands of the urban furniture market. The products developed by the Italian brand complement perfectly the current line of furniture; the design and high quality finish exceeds market expectation.

These two companies share a common goal aimed at developing product range that comply with new requirements of outside areas. We are joining forces to offer even more innovative solutions, using both the research of new materials and the desire to provide dynamic new lines within the market of urban furniture.

Come and discover our selecting furniture Belliatalia by Aubrilam

The IDO bench is finalist at the Design Europa Awards 2016!

Banc-IdoThe Design Europa Awards are organised by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and reward “Excellence in design and design management” among Registered Community Design (RCD*) holders.

The awards ceremony took place in Milan on 30 November with all the finalists from each category.

The IDO bench, designed and presented by Anna Szonyi, was selected as finalist in the “Small and Emerging Companies” category alongside three other products:
The Mooove lamp designed by David Saupe and Aaron Rauh and manufactured by Steinel Solutions AG.
The Flap sound-absorbing panels designed by Alberto and Francesco Meda and manufactured by Caimi Brevetti S.p.A. (2016 award winner)

The jury highlighted the IDO bench’s adaptability and dynamic features, along with its ability to be geared to a variety of locations and to be adapted to different behaviour and human interaction.

Watch the video presenting the IDO bench

Find out more about the Ido bench

*The RCD is an intellectual property right with a unitary character administered by the EUIPO and valid throughout the EU-28.


Discover Aubrilam’s realisation: the Saint-Paul Park

Aubrilam came up with a complete solution offering outdoor fittings and associated services to its Apsys client for its retail park in Saint-Paul-lès-Romans.

With an open and friendly shopping experience in mind, the Parc Saint Paul boasts 35 stores over a surface area of 27 000 m², including 1,000 parking spaces, pedestrian walkways, terraces, play areas and water features.  The ultimate goal is to offer maximum comfort to customers within a harmonious setting with architecture blending in fully with the environment.

When creating these outdoor spaces, Aubrilam provided an all-round solution combining layout and lighting engineering and the supply of all the fittings right down to the on-site installation. Support and advice throughout the project to fulfil the objectives of this retail park were also part and parcel of the Aubrilam package.

200 Aubrilam products form the key features of the surroundings, pedestrian walkways and parking area of the Parc Saint-Paul.

Client: Apsys
Architect: Sud Architectes
Landscaping: BDP Concept

Parc-Saint-Paul-Apsys-Aubrilam-slider9See the project

The Parc Saint Paul won the “Démarche développement durable/existant 2014” (2014 sustainable/existing development) trophy as part of the 2015 CNCC (French council of shopping centres) trophies. These are awarded during the SIEC trade show to pay tribute to the most exemplary retail achievements and projects.

Middle East Smart Landscape Summit 2016

Middle-East-Smart-LandscapeHeld under the patronage of Dubai Municipality, the fourth edition of the immensely successful Middle East Smart Landscape Summit has taken place on 25th and 26th April 2016. The Middle East Smart Landscape Summit has successfully established itself as the region’s leading landscaping event with global experts from United States of America, Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia and many other countries discussing topical themes that focus on smart, innovative and sustainable landscaping technology and best practices in the industry.

As a Silver Sponsor of the Summit, Aubrilam together with its partner WT Burden, has highly contributed to the event participating to the session “Bright Ideas for Smart & Sustainable Outdoor Landscape Lighting Systems”.

The event organizers confirmed that the 2016 Middle East Smart Landscape Summit was a success and we look forward to attend the 2017 Summit.

The NATTY bollard was rated among the top 11 new lighting bollards by the Lux Review magazine

Today’s lighting bollards achieve very interesting levels of lighting and are especially suited to places where it is not possible to use lamp posts or lighting columns. Alan Tulla, the chief editor points out in his article that, in spite of all of the recommendations by the trade for lighting with zero emissions towards the sky, in practice the compromise is split between the quality of lighting, the functionality and the design. To minimise light emissions towards the sky whilst maintaining a large distance between the light points, the Optical units of the lights need to be well designed.

The 11 bollards selected by the magazine meet the following criteria: quality of the optical unit, the functional qualities and the design.

Aubrilam Borne Natty 1 Vignette-carrée230x230

Read the article

Welcome to our new website!

We are very pleased to welcome you to the new Aubrilam web site.

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It is compatible with tablets and smart phones, and will be of invaluable help when you are travelling or in meetings, with extra care paid to the visual presentation.

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