Legal information

Legal information

1. Website presentation

Owner’s status: Société Prefix: SA (Limited company) Company name: AUBRILAM Address: 83 rue Fontgiève 63057 – Clermont-Ferrand Cedex 1 – France Tel : 04 73 31 86 86 Registered Capital: 250000 € Company reg. n°: 343 340 543 00051 Activity code: 1629Z Intra-community VAT code: FR 78 343 340 543 E-mail:

Publication Manager: Soufyane Miloudi The Publication Manager is a natural person

Contact the Webmaster: Site hosted by: VERCEL –

Conditions of use for the AUBRILAM web site

2. Presentation of the site and acceptance of the conditions of use is a web site internet providing information that is dedicated and reserved to trade users.

The users may consult information on AUBRILAM products and download and print technical data sheets.

Your use of the site implies your full and complete acceptance of the general conditions of use defined below. These conditions of use may be modified or completed at any time, without prior notification, and the users of the site are invited to consult them regularly.

AUBRILAM will endeavour to ensure that the information provided on the web site is as accurate as possible. However, AUBRILAM may not be held responsible for omissions, inaccuracies inexactitudes or missing updates, due to the owner’s fault or that of third party partners who provide the information.

All of the information provided on the site is purely indicative, it is non-restrictive any may be modified. It is provided under reserve of modification that may occur after it has been put on line.

3. Personal data

The information that the User is invited to provide are intended to create a user file to permit the communication and the products offered to be made stronger and personalised, in particular using information or news letters).

All of the User-related information is intended for AUBRILAM for the purposes of creating a User file.

The obligatory information is indicated by an asterisk. In particular this includes the E mail address of the USER, the first and surnames, telephone number, post code, town/city and department/county. The other information is provided optionally and spontaneously by the User.

The User guarantees the data provided is exact and accurate. The User undertakes to inform AUBRILAM immediately if any data provided is modified.

Under no circumstances may AUBRILAM be held responsible for any theft of identity of a User given that AUBRILAM does not have the technical means to identify the Users systematically.

If the User suspects fraudulent use of its identity, the User must inform AUBRILAM immediately.

The personal data thus collected is automatically processed designed to communicate information, newsletters and alerts.

The use of personal data remains within the limits defined by the dispositions of the Law n° 78-17 dated 6 January 1978.

The data is conserved for the entire duration while the account is active and for a period of six months after it has been closed.

In compliance with the dispositions of the Law n°78-17 dated 6 January 1978, the User is informed that he/she has a right of access, rectification and opposition to their personal data by writing to the web site operator at the following address: Aubrilam, 83 rue Fontgiève, 63057 Clermont-Ferrand Cedex 1, FRANCE.

The requests will be processed as quickly as possible. In certain cases, for example such as unsubscribing from the newsletter, it is possible that some messages are sent before the unsubscription request becomes effective.

4. Liability

AUBRILAM in no way guarantees that the operation of the web site will be without interruption or exempt from any errors.

AUBRILAM may not be held in any circumstances for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the site and/or technical data.

In all cases, the User is responsible for respecting the conditions of use of the site as well as the usual online computer security practices.

In particular the User is informed that certain dangers are inherent to the use of the internet and the downloading of software on the internet (loss of data, viruses, etc.) for which AUBRILAM may not be held responsible. The User must take into account the potential risks before downloading.

The site is not designed to store your data. The User undertakes to save any data systematically before using the site.

Users of the site undertake to access it using recent hardware, that does not contain any viruses and using a latest generation updated browser.

5. Monitoring the activity of the Users

A tool for managing the contents will track the activities of the Users.

Tracking tools are used to qualify the traffic.

6. Intellectual property

The site is the property of AUBRILAM. Any partial or complete reproduction, especially the texts and photographs is strictly prohibited. The products presented on the site as well as their names belong exclusively to AUBRILAM. Any reproduction or use without the prior authorisation of AUBRILAM is prohibited. The reproduction or use of the elements contained in the web site may be subject to prosecution.

7. Hypertext links

Any hypertext links to the site must be authorised beforehand by AUBRILAM.

8. Applicable law

The applicable law is French law. Any disputes related to the interpretation and execution of the sales of products will be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the Tribunal of Commerce of Clermont-Ferrand.