March 2024

AUBRILAM strengthens the use of ACCOYA wood in its product range

We are pleased to announce the development and use of Accoya® by AUBRILAM in our strategic product portfolio.

After successful cooperation over several years, AUBRILAM is now recognized as an Accoya® Approved Manufacturer. This recognition reflects AUBRILAM's expertise in integrating Accoya® wood into its manufacturing process and the quality of the resulting products.

Accoya®, a brand of the ACCSYS group renowned globally for its wood modified by acetylation process, continues to expand its offerings with new innovative materials. To increase its global capacity, a new production site is currently under construction in Kingsport, Tennessee, USA. Accoya wood brings unprecedented reliability to wooden products and has strong sustainability credentials. The product is Cradle to Cradle® Gold certified and is made from fast-growing wood from 100% certified sustainable and well-managed sources (FSC® (C012330)). Known for its exceptional durability, Accoya wood comes with an impressive above-ground warranty of 50 years and a below-ground warranty of 25 years.

Since 1978, AUBRILAM has been offering a range of urban furniture, bollards, and lighting poles. It is also a leader in restaurant terrace furniture for global brands.

Being a BEGA Group Company, AUBRILAM is expanding its global presence through BEGA expansion, with a new showroom competence center & offices in Dubai, covering markets of the Middle-East and Africa. An industrial site with BEGA has also been operational since July 2023 in Broomfield, Colorado, to expand its manufacturing presence in America.

This agreement offers new development perspectives for both our brands. AUBRILAM's continued commitment to product excellence perfectly aligns with the mission of Accsys and its Accoya brand: to offer innovative and sustainable solutions in the market.