July 2020

From raw material to finished product: discover the 9 stages of the complete manufacturing chain of our glued laminated wood masts.

Highlight about our Brioude factory in Lumières magazine

We have had the opportunity to answer questions from Alexandre Arène for the 42nd edition of the Lumières magazine, in which a comprehensive article is dedicated to our factory in Brioude.

March edition, Christophe Piasco, Director of Operations and the Industry Division at Aubrilam, outlines our manufacturing process for our glued laminated timber lighting columns. Our Brioude site, based in the Haute-Loire department, is fully dedicated to this activity, and manufactures between 4000 and 6000 columns per year.

Lumières magazine no. 42 – March 2023 Editor in Chief Isabelle Arnaud

Today, of all the waste generated, 77% is recovered and sent to recycling channels.

Wood, which represents 40% of waste, is then recycled into particle boards. The chips are sucked up using a centralized suction system deployed on all woodworking machines. They are then used in horticultural or animal mulching.

In addition to the recovery of its waste, the company also has an approach aimed at reducing its packaging volumes, which are designed according to the transport planned to transport the products to the installation site. AUBRILAM is working to ensure that all of the components ensuring the protection of its products during transport are ultimately recyclable.