La Mer

Dubaï - United Arab Emirates


September 2019

Lighting of a new seaside interaction area

Dubai : Jumeira’s waterfront is in full development. « La Mer » is a new destination created by the Meraas group. the objective is to create a new unique, lively and attractive place for residents and visitors from all over the world.

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Project brief

The design of all the equipment meets specifications defined in advance in the site lighting study.

Eleni Savvidou, design director at Delta Lighting Solutions, is in charge of the lighting design of the project. according to her, the design of lighting furniture is based on several guidelines defined upstream of the study.

  • Creating different atmospheres according to the spaces.

  • Drawing inspiration from maritime traditions and ancient objects.

  • Playing with light sources and using light dimming systems.

The objective was to create a relaxed and warm atmosphere for the squares and more of an architectural focus on the wide passage ways. These variations in moods were intended to evoke both surprise and interest.

Eleni Savvidou

The inspiration came from the location: the sea and its traditions

The use of aged wood was obvious from the outset of the project. the work on the colours, finishes and accessories was crucial to the success of the project. Getting inspiration from old telegraph poles and sailing boat masts.

A total of 53 bespoke suspended light fittings, supports, tree mounted fittings and other types of equipment were designed, with finishes in wood, steel, rope and brass.

Integration of light sources

Delta lighting was in charge of the lighting design. the lighting furniture was designed so that all the light fittings and accessories could blend in harmoniously. the lighting of the facades and beach huts is provided by integrated lighting under the terraces, showcasing the architecture. Special lenses were developed to make led sources invisible while ensuring efficient light distribution.

special assemblies, finishes and details have been taken into account to maintain product performance and quality in the outdoor marine environment.

Design of bespoke support columns

The Grande allée is lit by a catenary system made up of thousands of glass bulbs, creating a bright and attractive lighting atmosphere.

Lighting management

The light sources are individually controlled to create an effect of movement and life. During closing hours, the lighting levels are reduced to 50% and gradually down to 15% to adapt to night requirements.

A complete technical solution has been designed to meet the lighting project.

  • Design of columns and connection and hanging systems

  • Design of catenary support columns with swivel bases

  • Optimisation of column dimensions and diameters

  • Adaptation of light sources and accessories on the columns (cameras and speakers)

48 models of columns were developed

To obtain an aged wood effect, work was done on both the colour of the stain and the finish applied to the wood.

After numerous tests, a new colour with a brushed finish was developed. It is made and applied by hand in our workshops. The bases and connecting parts are made of powder-coated metal with a “random rust” finish and the junctions between the wood and the metal are surrounded with rope reminiscent of sailing boat masts. The natural finish of the wood, its grain and light natural colour, makes for a soothing visual effect whilst stimulating a hub of life.

The design and coordination of the bespoke installations, combined with the sheer scale of the project, was a huge undertaking.

Eleni Savvidou

Project actors

  • Client – Contracting party : Meraas

  • Architect : Studio M

  • Landscape designer : Cracknell

  • Consultant : Aecom

  • Engineering and design : Hyder – Arcadis

  • Lighting design : Delta Lighting

Site supervision

  • Installation instructions and layout plans

  • Supervision during the first delivery to the site

  • Inspection of parts before installation

  • Help with cable adjustment and lifting of columns

  • Monitoring of foundation laying

700 columns delivered on site