DÔME XL – Round tapered columns from 3 m to 10 m


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Round tapered shaft

Round tapered shaft in glued laminated timber GL24H certified ACERBOIS GLULAM, produced with sawn planks from sustainably managed forests and respecting HTE process. Timber finished with four coats of woodstain. Round flush base in galvanized steel and polyester powder coated finish. Overlying top in pressed galvanized steel, polyester powder coated finish. Design and manufacture according to rules defined by DEE 120017-00-0106 Wood and metal lighting columns and specifications from European Technical Approval ETA-18/0016. CE marked product: Conformity certificate CE 0679-CPR-0473.


Pole height: 3 to 10 m
Shaft diameter at base:
115 to 245 mm
Base height: 1 to 1.50 m
Distance door bottom to plate: 0.35 m
Weight: 19 to 153 kg


The performances statement of this product is available in the website’s Documentation tab.


Column on flange plate or buried root.

Item number

Ref. PCD0335 / Ref. PCD0326 / Ref. PCD0328 / Ref. PCD0327 / Ref. PCD0329 / Ref. PCD0305 / Ref. PCD0330 / Ref. PCD0306 / Ref. PCD0368 / Ref. PCD0377 / Ref. PCD0378 / Ref. PCD0315 / Ref. PCD0379 / Ref. PCD0316 / Ref. PCD0311 / Ref. PCD0333

Ref. PCD1335 / Ref. PCD1326 / Ref. PCD1328 / Ref. PCD1327 / Ref. PCD1329 / Ref. PCD1305 / Ref. PCD1330 / Ref. PCD1306 / Ref. PCD1368 / Ref. PCD1377 / Ref. PCD1378 / Ref. PCD1315 / Ref. PCD1379 / Ref. PCD1316 / Ref. PCD1311 / Ref. PCD1333

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