Saint-Brieuc Station

Saint-Brieuc, France

Multimodal hub


Saint-Brieuc Station

Saint-Brieuc, France

Parks and squares

• Customer
Saint-Brieuc Agglomération
• France
• Architect
Le Chêne Breton - Villes et Paysage
• Project
Lighting of the forecourts

Products used

Square tapered column SILEA XL
Square column MOSHI, clock support

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“Opting for a sober style of interpretation with a tapered square-shaped wooden column and a circular holder for the projectors, has simplified the number of light points and given the forecourts a bold, standout identity, tailor-made for the station’s amenities.

… A luminous tide clock, built into the wooden columns at the foot of the curved walkway, provides passengers and users with a real-time update of the water level.”

Bertrand de Tinténiac, Le Chêne Breton landscaping agency.


Project members :
Client and project management : Syndicat Départemental d’Energie des Côtes d’Armor et Saint Brieuc Armor Agglomération
Landscape and urban planner : Le Chêne Breton – Villes et Paysages
Engineering and design : EGIS
Installer : LE DU


Photos : Xavier Boymond


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