Saint-Brieuc train station renovation

February 26 2021 - New accomplishment

We are pleased to have been on board with the Saint-Brieuc railway station renovation project with the supply of large SILEA XL wooden columns.
Bertrand de Tinténiac, landscape designer and manager of “Le Chêne Breton” agency gives us the background on this project and explains the reasons behind the the columns choices :
“Saint-Brieuc train station is a major architectural landmark on the Breton railway landscape and certainly one the most beautiful station in Brittany. Remodeling the public spaces of this major urban project goes around one simple idea: rethinking the heart of the city and bringing the neighbourhoods closer together. It comes through a fresh interpretation of the urban image in line with nowadays challenges.

“Choosing a sober style of interpretation with a tapered square-shaped wooden column as well as fitting the projectors onto a circular holder, has simplified the number of light points and given the forecourts a striking identity”

Throughtout this sweeping transformation, the station’s main square new identity became a strong vector thanks to the new lighting choices. The station identity is now bold, tailor-made for the amenities and definitely standout.

“A luminous tide clock built onto the wooden columns on the front way of the station provides passengers and users with a real-time update of the water level”

To complete the project, Bertrand de Tinténiac imagined a “luminous tide clock”, it takes the form of a light line integrated  onto one of the wooden masts, it indicates by its lighting level the height of the tide in real time.

“Saint-Brieuc station is where you get the first glimpse of sea when you arrive by train, this luminous tide clock, built onto the wooden columns on the front way provides passengers and users with a real-time update of the water level in the magnificent bay of Saint-Brieuc”

Photos Xavier Boymond

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