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A development project is often complex and raises a number of questions. It is important to make the most accurate choices according to the needs and constraints. This may concern selecting the right products or type of lighting as well as the layout of the street furniture and even how to be original and to showcase an architectural concept.

Advice & support

In the choice of products
In the layout
For all tender documents and technical
From the beginning right through to the installation

Graphic design studio

Computer-generated images
Realistic simulations pictures
Colour chart study and object customisation (marking,
Graphic concept file for the site or the brand

Studies and feasibility

Studies and layout plans
Lighting studies
Dimensioning and checking operations
Product design and adaptation
Specific structural calculations
As-built and assembling drawings

Sustainable development

Environmental data files for products
Environmental impact assessment

Optional services

Installation of the furniture

  • Pre-installation on-site visits
  • Organisation and worksite coordination including safety plans and waste management

Maintenance of the wood

  • During the order process in the form of a maintenance contract
  • Following installation : regular and preventive or restorative maintenance operations (following diagnosis)



Now the Aubrilam products are functional as well as enhancing the attraction of the site of location. Our choice of materials and design give rise to sustainable quality structures over time.

In addition to its original characteristics making it resistant to salt and rust, wood benefits from the Aubrilam HTE-E production process incorporating a wood stain and surface protection finish.

Acting as a protective skin against negative environmental factors (UV, weather conditions, fungi, termites, etc.), it is recommended to cary out maintenance on a regular basis in order to keep a top quality finish.

With a view to supporting you in this procedure we have come up with the aubrilamcare solution:

This maintenance is easy to implement on site requiring no dismantling and which can be performed over different times in the service life of the column.

This relates to preventive (an average of every 5 years) or curative (beyond 7 years or for particularly exposed sites such as seasides subjected to sand and wind on the column) maintenance.

The Aubrilamcare expertise
Aubrilamcare is based on sound experience of over 40 years.

Download the manual

1 audit over 3 control areas:
The anchor plate
The base
The glued laminated wood


1 adapted maintenance offer including quality products with a long-standing track record


1 intervention by the Aubrilamcare trained and qualified staff

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