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For a space to last over time, it is also fundamental and crucial to take its maintenance into consideration during the design process. Part of the Aubrilam package is the supply of services and tools to make this process easier by benefitting from expert advice and support at every stage of the project, from defining needs to the installation, and even afterwards.

Advice & support

In the choice of products
In the layout
For all tender documents and technical specifications
From the beginning right through to the installation

Graphic design studio

Computer-generated images
Realistic simulations pictures
Colour chart study and object customisation (marking,
Graphic concept file for the site or the brand

Studies and feasibility

Studies and layout plans
Lighting studies
Dimensioning and checking operations
Product design and adaptation
Specific structural calculations
As-built and assembling drawings

Sustainable development

Environmental data files for products
Environmental impact assessment

Optional services

Installation of the furniture

  • Pre-installation on-site visits
  • Organisation and worksite coordination including safety plans and waste management

Maintenance of the wood

  • During the order process in the form of a maintenance contract
  • Following installation : regular and preventive or restorative maintenance operations (following diagnosis)



Wood-stain is a surface treatment which limits the damage caused by humidity and provides UV protection.

The qualities of the wood-stain chosen enable it to stand up to dimensional variations in the wood without flaking.

Thanks to our outstanding manufacturing techniques, how the wood is used and the quality of the wood-stains selected by Aubrilam, maintenance work should be scheduled every 5 to 7 years for products located in normal climatic conditions.

For more exposed sites, for example next to the sea where the sand and salt are extremely aggressive, heat-coated and wood-stained products may be more affected. However, wood in general is not sensitive to salt and does not rust.

Download the manual

For preventive maintenance operations, one coat of a quality wood-stain is enough to protect the surface of the wood until the next scheduled maintenance operation.

The technology we have selected and applied to protect the surface of the wood involves the application of 4 coats of wood-stain :


Download the manual

1 coat for the colouring


1 saturation coat to penetrate the wood in particular for machined areas


2 coats of colourless protective varnish

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