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Design a product that mirrors a site: 20 years of bespoke projects at Aubrilam

September 28 2019 - Aubrilam's story

For more than 20 years, Aubrilam has been working with purchasing advisors and contracting authorities to design the products & solutions they imagined for their projects. These are often prestigious projects, where the identity of the place is very pronounced and where technical challenges can be significant.

Installed in every kind of area, like large urban centres, seaside, moutain areas or shopping malls, these products perfectly find their place. Materials and technologies used can be adapted to every layout: structures with tensile stretched canvas, lighting mounted in high installations, fixation of flags and banners, integrating LED lines of lights, adding specific pieces for floodlights or decorative elements, brackets and special ties for catenaries, etc.

Here are some examples of projects implemented by Aubrilam:

Our first significant project is the layout of Mediterranean high-speed train stations, for which a whole range of products were designed by the AREP agency: lighting columns inspired by the catenaries of train lines. The “Catelam” columns are made of wood and aluminium. The design of the elements forming the column, associated to the choice of materials, have created a link between both the modernity of train stations and its traditions. The connecting elements, brackets and aluminium bases, were specially designed for the project.

South-East high-speed train stations, France, 2001.

In some instances, our solutions are closely related to the place in which they are installed. For the harbour city of Scarborough in England, facing the North Sea, the lighting designers from consultants Speirs & Majors, were inspired by marine imagination to give a new identity to this historical city and its lighthouse, while still maintaining a human scale. The goal was to provided a new vertical momentum, while taking inspiration from yacht masts present in the harbour. Wood found its place in the project from the very beginning.

Scarborough Harbour, United Kingdom, 2007.

In the Netherlands, in the city of Papendrecht at the South-East of Rotterdam, the intention was to design the landscaping of a shopping centre. This project’s aim was to offer to the future clients lighting furniture that would be an integral part of the site. For this city that is almost completely surrounded by water, the idea was once again to take inspiration from boats and sailing. Columns attached to wooden railings refer to the deck of a boat, the metallic parts attached on top could be imagined as a boat sail.

Papendrecht, Netherlands, 2007.

Bespoke products can also be created for urban regeneration programs. In 2008, the square around Poitiers’ train station was renovated and we created, for this project, lighting furniture that made the connection between the old & new buildings. The challenge was to maintain the buildings scale ratio and to clear the visual perspectives. The 16-meter-high twin timber shaft columns that were designed for this project act as signals visible from afar by drivers, by night and by day. The dark wood stain used brings a constrasting effect with the blue highlights from led beacons.

Poitiers, France, 2008.

Members of the projects mentionned in the article:

High-speed train stations – South East of France
Lighting design : Cabinet AARTIL
Design: AREP

Scarborough Harbour
Project management: LDA Design
Lighting design : Speirs & Major Associates

Architect : G.D.A. International B.V.
Lighting design : Industrielicht B.V.

Project management : Agence Grumbach et Associés
Lighting design: Roger Narboni, Project Manager Virginie Nicolas, Agence Concepto
Design office : service rues et places Ville de Poitiers

This summer, what will be the furniture that brings colour to our cities ?

July 10 2019 - Shades and furniture

Whether it is in small village squares, restaurant terraces or new urban parks, outdoor furniture will have the place of honour this summer. Both functional and practical, it also contributes to the harmonization of places where they are installed. The choice of colour is especially significant in the arrangement projects. 

It gives us the opportunity to introduce to you several choices of shades that we have associated with our new ranges of furniture, CLUB and RENDEZ-VOUS.

We invite you on a journey, change of scenery, rest: the first colour combination that we created combines an orange-pink to green.

These tones call to mind the ochres painted on the exterior walls in Southern Mediterranean Europe or the summer fruit like apricots or peaches … And green for the trees, freshness … Some rest.

These tones also evoke patterns specific to this summer season, just like Mathilde, designer at Aubrilam, highlights it:

“Summer means staying out until the very last rays of sun, landscape changes and becomes orangy … those belong to the magical moments of the summer nights.”

Discover CLUB and its colour variations

Our second shade choice is dedicated to the RENDEZ-VOUS range. We used the metal hoop as a coloured label. Bright and vibrant, the yellow colour underlines the particular design of the round bench and deckchair. It is associated with natural wood whose grains are visible and randomly spread.

We wanted this association of colour and material to change the perception of the place where the product will be installed. The RENDEZ-VOUS furniture can fit out a new area in a large urban centre as well as a seaside near a holiday resort.

This installation could be an invitation to gather during summer nights for a picnic, share some family time in a living place … For an open-air screening … Or during a festival.

Discover RENDEZ-VOUS and its coloured association


Aubrilam fits 3 new McDonald’s terraces out in the USA

June 17 2019 – New project

A McDonald’s franchisee in Iowa, USA, set outdoor terraces out in 3 of his restaurants and chose Aubrilam to furnish them. This new client was pleased to discover our range of products on our stand during the Orlando Convention back in 2018.

He installed our range of terraces furniture Euroline 3 on his terraces and along his buildings.
Round and square tables, 2 and 4-seat, 8-seat Stand-up tables, lounge zones, dustbins, shade cover and fences, the whole terrace area was designed and built to maximize the customers’ comfort and allow them to enjoy sunny days!

Since 2018, Aubrilam has started to furnish McDonald’s restaurants terraces in the USA. It is with great pleasure that we participate in these projects and we are very proud to present you below the layout results in Riverside Drive, Mormon Trek Boulevard and Williamsburg.


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