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AUBRILAM recycles its waste products

Wednesday, 21 June 2023

Every year, over 10,000 wood-metal products are manufactured by the AUBRILAM factory.

We are aware of the impacts that the manufacture of our products can have on the environment, and so several years ago we committed to reduce the volume of our waste and to optimise the offcuts of wood. The waste is mainly made up of wood shavings, offcuts and metal accessories  which are all collected and sent for recycling.

Today, 77 % of the waste generated is recovered and sent for recycling.

40 % of the waste is wood, which is recycled into chipboard. The wood shavings are sucked up by a central suction system that is fitted onto all the woodworking machines. They are then used for horticultural or animal mulch.

As well as recycling our waste, we also have a programme to reduce the volumes of packaging, which are designed to suit the transport used to get the products safely to their destination. Aubrilam is working to ensure that all components used to protect its products during transport can eventually be recycled.

Restaurant terraces

Friday, 14 April 2023

In 2022 AUBRILAM is present in over 50 countries throughout the world

For the last 30 years, AUBRILAM has been a leading company in the hospitality sector, and is developing its business throughout the world. In 2022, the company delivered over 600 terraces in 50 countries, involving a logistics process boasting over 30,000 products.

AUBRILAM is mainly active in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and has now delivered terraces in South America.

Supporting customers in their development, regardless of where they are located in the world is a priority for the company and the new logistics centre, an integral part of the factory in France, has enabled AUBRILAM to offer product availability and responsiveness to meet all requests from its customers and partners.

This is backed up by a commitment from all teams in the company to offer the best possible service, ensuring we adapt to the culture in each country.
We also keep in mind the philosophy of the AUBRILAM brand, which is to make outdoor spaces unique, beautiful and sustainable.

At this time in early 2023, AUBRILAM would like to thank all its customers and partners in France and abroad for their continued trust in our products and services.

Article for the Lumières magazine: AUBRILAM has opened the doors to its production site

Thursday, 13 March 2023

We have had the opportunity to answer questions from Alexandre Arène for the 42nd edition of the Lumières magazine, in which a comprehensive article is dedicated to our factory in Brioude.

March edition, Christophe Piasco, Director of Operations and the Industry Division at Aubrilam, outlines our manufacturing process for our glued laminated timber lighting columns. Our Brioude site, based in the Haute-Loire department, is fully dedicated to this activity, and manufactures between 4000 and 6000 columns per year.

Lumières magazine no. 42 – March 2023
Editor in Chief
Isabelle Arnaud
[email protected]

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