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The NATTY bollard was rated among the top 11 new lighting bollards by the Lux Review magazine

November 30 2015 - Product news

Today’s lighting bollards achieve very interesting levels of lighting and are especially suited to places where it is not possible to use lamp posts or lighting columns. Alan Tulla, the chief editor points out in his article that, in spite of all of the recommendations by the trade for lighting with zero emissions towards the sky, in practice the compromise is split between the quality of lighting, the functionality and the design. To minimise light emissions towards the sky whilst maintaining a large distance between the light points, the Optical units of the lights need to be well designed.

The 11 bollards selected by the magazine meet the following criteria: quality of the optical unit, the functional qualities and the design.

Aubrilam Borne Natty 1 Vignette-carrée230x230

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Welcome to our new website!

August 27 2015 - Aubrilam news

We are very pleased to welcome you to the new Aubrilam web site.

You can find full details on the company, its philosophy, latest news and our full catalogue of products, services, latest creations and missions completed.

This site does not simply present you with the information, it also allows you to customise your browsing.

Aubrilam has designed this site so that it as user friendly as possible for its customers.

Regardless of your background and requirements, you can select the information you require and compile it in a personal file using the “My project” function. This will save you lots of time in the preparation of your project and allow you to share it as well!

We have rendered this site as ergonomic as possible so that you can browse from one menu to another to guide you through the pages and pictures. Our aim is to provide you with a source of inspiration for your future projects.

You can contact Aubrilam at any point for a quotation or for someone to call you back for a direct reply for all of your requirements.

It is compatible with tablets and smart phones, and will be of invaluable help when you are travelling or in meetings, with extra care paid to the visual presentation.

Our aim was for this web site to satisfy the requirements of our current and future trade customers with the use of high quality supports, whilst remaining faithful to the brand image of Aubrilam…

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