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Our solutions for restaurant terraces

13 March 2023

Our “terrace furniture” business

Since the first terrace was installed in 1992, AUBRILAM has developed a business aimed at the restaurant market. For over 30 years, we have offered furniture designed for outdoor terraces: tables, benches, chairs, “lounge” areas, fences, wind guards, canopies, and planters, etc.

Each year, we develop new ranges that we manufacture, deliver and install for our customers in the private restaurant and hospitality sector. We can also respond to requests from public bodies or institutions.

AUBRILAM has become a specialist brand in this sector, renowned over the past 30 years for its high-quality offering.


With its range of lighting and terrace furniture, AUBRILAM now supplies its customers with comprehensive and turnkey solutions for restaurant and hospitality chains seeking to furnish their outdoor spaces.

Our expertise from the outset of the company, from the design phase to the manufacture of standard and bespoke products, and our logistics management from our factories in France, enables us to stay true to our mission, which is to “make living spaces unique, beautiful and sustainable”.


Aubrilam Wood

January 25 2023

Our raw material: wood.

Our raw material comes from Scots pine trees from Scandinavia, which slow growth produces wood with very fine rings and excellent homogeneity.
Only the weather in these regions ensures this slow growth, which gives our raw material the quality we are looking for.

An ecological material

Our wood is taken from selected trees, it is heartwood, it is cleaned of sapwood, which means that it is naturally class 3 and does not require any chemical treatment. We also ensure that the trees come from sustainably managed forest.
Wood naturally has a very positive ecological balance. It capture CO2 and locks it in during its growth to store it in the structures once cut.

A beautiful and warm material

Not only does wood meet our durability requirements, but above all it has qualities that endow it with its special strentgh, it is soft, noble and warm. It brings emotion to each of the projects we undertake. Its textural, colour and light effects make it an easthetic asset.

A highly resistant material

Our engineers and buyers have drawn up rigorous specifications, and each laminated plank has an identification number that is tracked throughout the production process. Before being processed, the wood must have a moisture content of between 10 an 14%. This ensures a good quality finish for the stain to be impregnated properly and to guarantee its durability in its future location.
In addition to its original characteristics making it insensitive to salt and not subject to rust, wood benefits from the HTE manufacturing process developed by Aubrilam, which protects it from its two traditional enemies, wood-eating fungi and woodworm.



AUBRILAM and respect for the environment

November 25 2022

“Thinking sustainably”

The use of wood in our wood-metal composite products for more than 40 years is essential in the environmental approach of AUBRILAM.
Wood naturally has a very positive ecological balance. It captures CO₂ and locks it in during its growth to store it in the structures once cut.
1 m³ of wood = 1 tonne of CO₂ absorbed.

Thinking sustainably means designing products that are in harmony with their environment, that will last, in a discrete and natural way. It also means thinking globally, where design and technological innovation are spontaneously placed at the heart of the design process.

AUBRILAM has chosen to adopt an eco-design approach, the choice of materials but also the improvement of the functionality of its products and their manufacturing process are essential.

For the past 20 years, the wood used by AUBRILAM, scots pine, has not been treated with metallic salts and comes from sustainably managed forests. It is an untreated heartwood, taken from selected trees. Some parts of our products are made of Accoya modified wood, a sound, patented, stable and durable material.
In the lighting columns designed by AUBRILAM, wood replaces steel and aluminium as structural material, this is the AUBRILAM standard, it prompts to regularly review its products with a view to reducing their environmental footprint. The wooden parts are calculated in terms of thickness and dimensions to save material and weight while guaranteeing the product’s durability at its place of installation.

This approach has been built into the design of its glued laminated timber shafts since 2006 and its AUBRILAM HTE label is a guarantee of this.

Thinking sustainably also means improving the “environmental qualities” of a development project.
To identify and limit the impact of its products during their manufacture, since 2006 AUBRILAM has undertaken a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in accordance with the ISO standards 14040 and 14025. This means AUBRILAM can provide its customers with data sheets detailing the environmental profile of each of its lighting columns.

This is part of a comprehensive approach that consists of:
– analysing the phenomena that result in environmental degradation in the life cycle of a product
– calculating the environmental impact of each product
– then comparing its results objectively with those of metal columns
– and finally improving the “environmental qualities” of projects and products through eco-design

This approach allows AUBRILAM not only to be naturally in tune with eco-responsable projects but also to provide its clients with an ecological expertise of their project depending on the products selected.


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