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Wooden columns by Aubrilam for the new Roland-Garros stadium

March 25 2021

Since 2015, the Roland-Garros stadium has undergone major renovations. The challenge was to preserve the spirit of this place full of history while bringing modernity to it. We are pleased to have been able to contribute to this transformation with the installation of glued laminated timber columns manufactured in our French factory located in Brioude.

Followed around the world, the French Open tennis tournament is a highlight during the year. Roland-Garros has a strong identity and A history. The stadium renovation in the heart of Paris had to take this aspect into account. The new equipment chosen had to subtly combine tradition and modernity while providing a level of quality that was worthy of this venue.

Roland-Garros was also created to be a parc in the city, the new spaces integrated during the stadium renovations of the stadium offer visitors the opportunity to walk around and enjoy the abundant vegetation. The wooden columns are a natural complement to the site and provide comfort thanks to the lighting quality. They contribute to the site embellishment.

Lighting furniture dedicated to the site
All of the site’s lighting has been redesigned to offer equipment qualities in line with current technologies, but also to give the site a unique atmosphere keeping with the Roland-Garros spirit. The wooden lighting columns illuminate the area around the courts while respecting the site colours.

The neat design of the masts, topped with a metal top finish, combined with a “plant” and “mineral” mixed materials brings both modernity and singularity to the site. These “natural” masts lined up the pedestrian walkways and tennis courts providing visitors with lighting that is both efficient and comfortable.

The projectors have two power option ; 24 W and 52,5 W. They are positioned at different heights and they are mounted on a skid offering all angles of adjustment, which makes it possible to refine the quality and comfort of the lighting. They benefit from the latest LED technology : the reflectors are made of aluminium and are fitted with elliptical lenses which improve visual comfort. The colour temperature of the light is 3000 K, proven to bring a warm atmosphere for visitors while maintaining optimal colour rendering.

The equipment chosen invites the visitor to walk around and enjoy the outdoor spaces during the day and in the evening. The lighting columns designed for Roland-Garros are visible during the day, showing the site with vertical visual markers. At night, they offer a dynamic and comfortable lighting thanks to the presence of adjustable spotlights fitted with their lenses that limit the light flow.

The use of a natural, sustainable and modern material.
The wood is untreated Scots pine, taken from selected trees and from sustainably managed forests. To obtain this “aged wood” quality finish, it has been sanded, scraped then stained in our workshop by our qualified technicians.
Combined with metal, it gives the entire light point a unique and contemporary look, a particular signature that we wish to maintain in time.

Customed signage in the colours of Roland-Garros
Numerous functional spaces were created for the public during the stadium modernisation. To facilitate circulation, signage furniture was designed by the project designers in partnership with Empreinte Signalétique company. The signage poles are made of timber and have the same finish as the lighting columns, which forms a harmonious atmosphere.

The Roland-Garros colours are reflected in the signage used to guide visitors. The light “driftwood” finish of the wooden supports underlines these new colours. The combination of wood and metal brings singularity to this emblematic place, mixing tradition and modernity.

Installed equipment :
130 Aubrilam DÔME XL columns from 4 m to 8 m height made of glued laminated timber serving as supports for BEGA 24 W and 52,5 W spotlights positioned in grapes around the mast.  Aubrilam SUMU columns from 3,3 m to 3,7 m height serving as support for the signage.

Project members :
Client : Fédération Française de Tennis
Architect : Chaix et Morel Associés
Landscaping : Michel Corajoud / Neveux Rouyer Paysagistes
Engineering and design : Bethac
Brand management and design : Agence W
Signage manufacturer : Empreinte Signalétique
General contractor : Vinci Construction
Electricity : S.F.E.E. (Société Fécampoise d’Entreprises Electriques)

Photos : Jean-Michel Gueugnot

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Saint-Brieuc train station renovation

February 26 2021 - New accomplishment

We are pleased to have been on board with the Saint-Brieuc railway station renovation project with the supply of large SILEA XL wooden columns.
Bertrand de Tinténiac, landscape designer and manager of “Le Chêne Breton” agency gives us the background on this project and explains the reasons behind the the columns choices :
“Saint-Brieuc train station is a major architectural landmark on the Breton railway landscape and certainly one the most beautiful station in Brittany. Remodeling the public spaces of this major urban project goes around one simple idea: rethinking the heart of the city and bringing the neighbourhoods closer together. It comes through a fresh interpretation of the urban image in line with nowadays challenges.

“Choosing a sober style of interpretation with a tapered square-shaped wooden column as well as fitting the projectors onto a circular holder, has simplified the number of light points and given the forecourts a striking identity”

Throughtout this sweeping transformation, the station’s main square new identity became a strong vector thanks to the new lighting choices. The station identity is now bold, tailor-made for the amenities and definitely standout.

“A luminous tide clock built onto the wooden columns on the front way of the station provides passengers and users with a real-time update of the water level”

To complete the project, Bertrand de Tinténiac imagined a “luminous tide clock”, it takes the form of a light line integrated  onto one of the wooden masts, it indicates by its lighting level the height of the tide in real time.

“Saint-Brieuc station is where you get the first glimpse of sea when you arrive by train, this luminous tide clock, built onto the wooden columns on the front way provides passengers and users with a real-time update of the water level in the magnificent bay of Saint-Brieuc”

Photos Xavier Boymond

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A project’s story : “La Mer” in Dubaï

December 14 2020

La Mer is a new destination created for the people of Dubai and visitors from all over the world. Located on the Jumeira waterfront, it has been developed by the Meraas Group with the aim of offering a new, lively and modern place to live.

This project was an opportunity for us to take on challenges we had not imagined at the outset. Our teams worked to provide a complete and innovative personalised solution.

A total of 48 column models were developed for a project covering 23 hectares.

Below we would like to tell you about the different stages of this extraordinary project.

Project brief

“The objective was to create a relaxed and warm atmosphere for the squares and more of an architectural focus on the wide passage ways.”

We worked with Eleni Savvidou, design director at Delta Lighting Solutions in charge of the lighting design of the project. The objective was to propose furniture that meets three guidelines:

1/ Creating different atmospheres according to the spaces,
2/ Drawing inspiration from maritime traditions and ancient objects,
3/ Playing with light sources and using light dimming systems.



The inspiration came from the location: the sea and its traditions.

The use of aged wood was obvious from the outset of the project. The work on the colours, finishes and accessories was crucial to the success of the project.

Light study

“A total of 53 bespoke suspended light fittings, supports, tree mounted fittings and other types of equipment were designed, with finishes in wood, steel, rope and brass.”

Delta Lighting was in charge of the lighting design. The lighting furniture was designed so that all the light fittings and accessories could blend in harmoniously.

For the lighting of the facades and beach huts, Eleni Savvidou imagined a light integrated under the terraces thanks to lenses developed to make the LED sources invisible while ensuring efficient light distribution.

The “Grande Allée” is lit by a catenary system made up of thousands of glass bulbs, creating a bright and attractive lighting atmosphere.

The light sources are individually controlled to create an effect of movement and life. During closing hours, the lighting levels are reduced to 50% and gradually down to 15% to adapt to night requirements.

Column design

We developed all the masts for the site lighting as well as the masts with swivel bases for the sail supports and catenary systems.

A complete technical solution was provided by our engineers, including design and calculations, the development and production of prototypes and the supply of implementation plans and technical instructions.

Special assemblies, finishes and details were taken into account to maintain product performance and quality in the outdoor marine environment.

Colours and finishes

To obtain an aged wood effect, work was done on both the colour of the stain and the finish applied to the wood.

After numerous tests, a new colour with a brushed finish was developed.

The bases and connecting parts are made of powder-coated metal with a “random rust” finish and the junctions between the wood and the metal are surrounded with rope reminiscent of sailing boat masts.

Production and site supervision

700 columns delivered on site

The entire manufacture of the wooden supports and the assembly of the products was carried out in our manufacturing workshop located in France in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Our engineers went on site to check the parts and monitor the installation of the first deliveries at each major phase of the construction site.

See the photos of the achievement.


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