Making cities unique, beautiful and smart


Aubrilam gives life to space.
We provide the substance: alive and sustainable, it gives meaning, beautifies and creates a place where life can thrive, everywhere and for everyone.
We have been decorating spaces for 40 years.

our customers

Whether public or private, Aubrilam’s customers are present in a wide variety of sectors: local authorities, property developers, real estate investors, restaurant chains, motorway service areas, leisure centres and retailers all around the world.

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For the last 26 years, Aubrilam and McDonald’s have been sharing the same point of view of how to welcome customers and make them comfortable while adopting a global, responsible approach. This partnership has enabled Aubrilam to dream up and design all the terraced areas for McDonald’s restaurants in France, Europe, Russia, Middle East, South America and USA in other words more than 5,400 terraces in 50 countries.

more than 500,000 products in the world

Our manufacturing facility

All the Aubrilam products are manufactured in France, at Brioude, the brand’s original plant.

Reliability & durability

The lighting columns designed by Aubrilam are intended to be put up in every type of environment and subjected to all sorts of conditions, even the most extreme ones. They are manufactured according to CUAP rules and are CE-marked. The ACERBOIS GLULAM-certified wood is carefully selected.


24 m high.
Erected in 1996 at Aire de la Lozère Service Area and Col de la Moreno Pass (Puy-de-Dôme).
It is designed to withstand rapid changes in temperature, wind, snow, rain, etc.

materials and environment

Aubrilam has been geared to environment friendliness since it was set up. From the design phase to choosing where the materials come from, the production or indeed the colors, the whole company works in a sustainable, certified manner in order to ensure greater environment friendliness.
This approach helps to create added value for the company and the customer from the outset so as to enable maximum energy savings.


World class partners

To support its expansion and to serve its customers more effectively, Aubrilam has set up solid partnerships with companies that are well known in their sector.

The partnership with BEGA has enabled Aubrilam to expand its product range and to offer a line of advanced lighting points for every type of project.

Aubrilam joined forces Flavard & Saguez to design the Utyl and Rendez-Vous furniture ranges.

Aubrilam has increased its foothold in Middle East with its commercial and strategic partner Lightitude.


Tomorrow ?

To provide a solution suited to every type of space whilst developing even more skills in order to respond to multi-faceted marketplaces.

To make life easier for our customers by providing solutions with three key features:
Elegant – Ecological – Economical

This is what
the spirit
of the brand
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