Established in 1978, We consistently stayed at the forefront of the industry by addressing customer needs with a unique blend of originality, authenticity, and expertise. The company remains dedicated to this ethos, unwavering in its commitment to excellence.

Each day, the company upholds its core values without compromise: environmental respect, innovative capability, and product quality. Despite now being part of the BEGA group, AUBRILAM remains steadfast in its commitment to these principles, persisting in its mission to produce enduring, high-quality products

We have been outfitting outdoor spaces for more than 40 years now.

Creation of AUBRILAM

We have always embraced the use of wood in our creations. It stands out for its durability, eco-friendliness, and resilience, making it a natural choice. Wood not only brings warmth to spaces but also adds a touch of modernity.

Each piece undergoes meticulous machining and hand-finishing, transforming it into a distinctive and exceptional object that elevates any living environment. At AUBRILAM, our ethos revolves around crafting new collections aimed at enhancing the beauty of our cities, elevating user comfort, and delivering unparalleled service to our clients.