Making cities unique, beautiful and smart

40 years of manufacturing for the Aubrilam brand

Many projects have seen the light of day across France, Europe and around the world since the creation of the Aubrilam brand in 1978.
So what is its objective today ?

The world is changing and new issues are emerging, the population in cities is increasing, our linving spaces are changing, the impacts of global climate change are becoming an increasingly important factor in the choices made by decision-makers and users. Citizens today need to find meaning in their lifestyles.

Aubrilam is constantly preoccupied with these issues and its priority is to stay on course: developing ranges that make sense, that provide comfort while having their own singularity. The furnishings designed by the men and women at Aubrilam are heading in this direction.

What does Aubrilam do ?
Aubrilam designs and manufactures complete ranges of products, both standard and customised. The products are manufactured in our factory in Brioude, France, 70 km from Clermont-Ferrand. Boasting 40 years of experience in wood and outdoor furniture, we continue to innovate, to choose the most suitable materials and to use production processes that are ever more environmentally friendly.

For who ?
The products that come out of Aubrilam are intended for all outdoor spaces, whether in an urban environment, a shopping area or by the sea, they respond to the need for outdoor living. They can be installed in all climatic environments: humid, saline or very cold areas and are designed to resist.
The projects for which they are intended can be part of large, high-profile urban programmes or Simply small, more discreet spaces.

Why ?
To make spaces welcoming and Citizen-centric, with the comfort and improvement of their living environment in mind. To provide a solution to the problems that clients will encounter as our society evolves.
Finally, to make urban spaces sustainable and vibrant…

How ?
By providing product and service solutions to our clients, being tuned to them, being by their side from the project start to finish, being involved in the concept, design and budget optimisation choices and being there at the installation and further down the line for the maintenance.

As a company today, Aubrilam develops solutions to make cities more beautiful, more comfortable, smarter and more user-friendly.




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